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Professional videography for private events

Whether you are looking for a professional videographer for your wedding, baptism, party or a corporate event, you've come to the right place. Or you might just want someone to record your private event. Both at ground level and in air. proMEDIAhouse professionals are here for you! We offer a wide range of services in videography, cinematic wedding filming, documentary wedding filming industry, with an exceptional team of professionals.

Videography for wedding, private events, corporate events, product videography, location videography, bar/restaurant/pub videography, video presentation, media content, advertising, and more. We are ready to go.

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Innovation, tehnique, flexible solutions

Good expertise: we offer a combined and diversified expertise in videography services for over two decades. We are also offering flexible solutions with lots of benefits. Quality: our team members are professionals, committed to high-quality outcomes and strive to do a great job. We work smoothly, in a time period that will meet your deadlines. A pioneering approach: in our work process, we use a lot of innovations and the latest tehnique, which helps us achieve better results.

proMEDIAhouse is streaming your event! Our team has hosted many private events. Your colleagues, business partners, friends, family and loved ones are guaranteed to enjoy your event even if they can not be there. Everybody can enjoy itt in real time, with our new Event Live Streaming service!

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