Who is ProMediaHouse?
About us and our activities

About usProMediaHouse offers a wide range of services in the videography industry, with an excellent team of professionals and at least 17 years of experience. Videography for private events, corporate events, product videography, Aerial filming and photography (IAA Approved), product and location advertisements, media content, advertising and more. Ready to go. Set. Wow! Just wow!

If you are looking for a professional videographer for your private event, or for a corporate event, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you need somebody to record your event. Both at ground
level and in air. ProMediaHouse is with you!

What services do we offer?
Photography, video, aerial

▣ Corporate events
▣ Private events
▣ Location presentation
▣ Product videography
▣ Inauguration
▣ Location (pub, restaurant)
▣ Aerial photography
▣ Aerial videography
▣ Media content
▣ Advertising
▣ Video campaigns
▣ Weddings, baptism

Aerial photography / videography
IAA approved

ProMediaHouse provides professional services in photography and in drone filming. We are trained professionals and we have the latest technology available in the industry! If you’re looking for an aerial video or quality pictures, you’re exactly where you should have been. IAA Aproved!

Drones for aerial photography and videography manage to provide a new kind of perspective that traditional photography can not: the broad view from above.