Streaming services
Live streaming your event!

Live streamingProMediaHouse is streaming your event, live, right now. With a maximum of four cameras! Our team has hosted weddings, corporate and private events. We can stream with one mobile camera from anywhere, bride & groom preparations, receptions, etc. Your colleagues, business partners , friends, family and loved ones are guaranteed to enjoy your event even if they can not be there.

Whatever the reason, everybody can enjoy your event in real time, wherever they are in the world, with our new Event Live Streaming service!

ProMediaHouse can stream live any part of your corporate or private event including: gathering, ceremony, speeches, dance flooring or any other part of your event. For more information please contact us!

Want to share with those who can’t attend your event? Here’s how we could help:

▣ Provide streaming media for you and your guests who are unable to attend.
▣ Streaming video of your event to any device with an internet connection.
▣ Making great streaming experiences available to your guests around the world.
▣ Live video streaming your event (Youtube, Vimeo, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some things we’re asked frequently

Live streamingNeed the viewers some apps or downloads to watch my event?
No, the viewers just need to open the link that you send them. Need no apps and no downloads. In any browser the viewer can open the link (computer / phone / tablet).

Will I be getting a copy of the video after the event?
Of course! The video is recorded, and you can download it after the event.

Can you start streaming before the start of the event?
Yes, one hour before the start of the event, we can start streaming. Usually we recommend starting the stream ten-fifteen minutes before the event, to give your guests the opportunity to join.